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No Genetically Modified Food

Amy's GMO Free

Genetically modified products were introduced over ten years ago and put on the market without any long term trials or tests.  Due to the lack of data available regarding the affects of these engineered ingredients, many countries have banned GMO products or require labeling. The US does not currently have any laws to identify, label or address GMOs in the food supply.  Our grocery stores are filled with products containing genetically engineered ingredients, but without labeling we cannot make informed choices about what we are eating.

The most commonly genetically modified foods are: soybeans, cotton oil, canola oil and corn. As of 2011, 94% of US soybeans and 88% of US corn is genetically modified. It has reached the point that unless the box says “No GMOs” or “Organic”; you should assume it contains GMOs.

At Amy’s, we think ingredients are best the way nature intended – organically grown and straight from the farm.  We do not purchase or use any genetically modified or engineered ingredients and believe we have the right to know what is in our food.

All suppliers are asked to provide a guarantee in writing that ingredients are neither derived from nor manufactured using genetically modified organisms. Because we work closely with our farmers, most of whom have been working with Amy’s for decades, we know that our corn and soy farmers take extreme care to protect their organic crops. They plant their fields at a later time than the conventional farmers. While this may result in lower yields, it prevents cross-contamination and keeps their seed stock pure.