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Authentic & Original Packaging

The Secret life of…our packaging

Rachel in the GardenThe joy of being served a beautiful meal at someone’s home comes as much from the table setting as it does from the food itself. The host takes great care when preparing the table. Each guest is special and deserves to be treated in a special way.
Rachel imagines every customer as a guest in her home. To know her is to realize how much she enjoys serving her guests, be they family and friends, or the many customers who write her each day. She sets a beautiful table and is considerate of the needs of each guest. And while she can’t experience the pleasure of serving Amy’s customers in her home, she brings a little of herself to your home.

Think of each package as your very own place setting, completely arranged and designed by Rachel. Each is personal and unique. Take a close look. Notice the fresh flowers (they come from her garden), the gold plate from the Indian Meals (a family heirloom from Amy’s grandmother), or perhaps the little elephant next to the Mattar Paneer (a gift from a dear friend)?

Everything you see in the photo was carefully chosen by Rachel and has personal meaning to her. Many of the items are mementos from her or Amy’s childhood, while others are collected specifically for their beauty and originality. For instance, the beads that spell “A-M-Y-S” on the Kids Meal were from a bracelet that Amy wore when she was little.

Rachel and Andy share a little bit of themselves to make a connection to the their customers, and make the food more personal. So the next time you sit down at your table to enjoy one of Amy’s meals, remember that you are our guest. We hope that we have done everything possible to satisfy you, and if not, that you will let us know how we might do better.